About us

Our story has begun in the exact same way as yours!

It all started with the amazing news:

Bonjour Mommy!

Yes, it’s what you’re thinking – Bonjour Mommy was established when we were both pregnant.

We’- meaning who?

We’re sisters and we’re both moms to little Baby Boys, born exactly 8 months apart. Not only are we really close to each other as we’re siblings but we’ve grown even closer now because of the pregnancy-related dramas:

‘In this dress I really do look like a tent…’

‘How am I even supposed to breastfeed wearing this…’

- does it sound familiar to you?

We’ve been looking for the perfect maternity clothes, which would make us look feminine and sensual (and definitely not as if we were wearing a bag!) for quite a while. The kind of maternity clothes which would make us feel attractive, stylish, comfortable and just... ourselves really (you all know what we mean, Girls!).

This combination of feeling happily pregnant and being a bit disappointed with the clothing options made us create our own line of clothing. The clothing which says STOP to all of our dramas. And that’s how it all started.

Bonjour Mommy has been created by Moms, for Moms.

We offer you the best quality of clothing, which will help you feel chic and beautiful during the time of being pregnant, in labour, postpartum, breastfeeding and beyond.

We offer a variety of soft, bamboo mommy robes, delicate night and labour gowns but also t-shirts and amazingly feminine dresses, which enable to breastfeed discreetly. You can also find our signature colour-matching sets for the Mom and the Baby, literally made for your first photo with your sweet little Newborn.

Our clothes are also a perfect gift, which you can enjoy yourself or give to another Mom.

Magda & Monika


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